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Gift Art

A general prompt to earn easy Starstones, read the description on how to properly enter!


·̩̩̥͙**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙   PROMPT GUIDELINES   ·̩̩̥͙**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙



  1. Artwork can be of any type (Scene, animation, pixel, pagedoll e.i...) It will recieve the same reward regardless. 


            2. It cannot be a premediated art trade, this is for gift art only. You cannot commission your piece either. 


            3. The artwork must at least be coloured. It can be of any size from headshot to fullbody to even including multiple characters. Again, adding multiple characters to one piece will not increase the reward. 


            4. Gift writing is also permissible with a minimum wordcount of 100 words. Similarly to artwork, adding characters or writing more for a single prompt will not increase the reward.


            5. If your gift art prompt is a response to a gift art you had recieved (Through the site's prompt system) , you may submit yours and in the description, add that this is a 'revenge' and ask for 2 more Starstones. This stacks like a revenge chain. Remember to add on your extra curreny and the fact it is a revenge! 


Reward Amount
Starstones 3

★ Artfight Event ! ★

Ends: 9 August 2024, 23:59:59 PDT (3 weeks from now)

Want to earn Starstones while participating in Artfight with a Starsnare? Click to learn more!


。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆   。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆




。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆   。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆


We are super excited to announce that we are joining in on Artfight again this year!! If you’re new to Artfight here is their site! ★


What is Artfight?

★ Artfight is an annual art trading game that lasts for the month of July, here is more information on how artfight works! ★ ★


We have some rewards and nice prizes for those that participate with us this year!


。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆   。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆




Attack/Friendly fire ★ 5 STARSTONES

Revenge ★ 8 STARSTONES

+ 5 STARSTONES for every starsnare character in your piece


Everyone who participates with us will receive TWO RAFFLE TICKETS to two special starsnares designed based on the themes Seafoam and Stardust! 

. ݁₊ ⊹ . ݁ ⟡ ݁ . ⊹ ₊ ݁.

. ݁₊ ⊹ . ݁ ⟡ ݁ . ⊹ ₊ ݁.

★ Here is how to get the rewards!

First submit the attack, friendly fire, or revenge to the official Artfight site. Then come back here and submit the link to your attack to earn your rewards! You can submit as many attacks as you’d like, you will continue to get the starstones but the raffle entries will only be given for your first submission!


We will also have a discord channel, #artfight, so you can link your Artfight account and characters.


。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆   。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆




  1. Please only submit attacks that include starsnare characters! Do not submit your Artfight attacks to us if there is no snare. At least 1 snare must be in the attack to count! (Official transformations are accepted)


  1.  Please follow Artfight’s rules and enjoy their fun annual event! We just wanted to leave some rewards for those that decide to use starsnares ♡  Thank you everyone for your love and support!


。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆   。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆
If you have any questions feel free to ask in OUR discord server!


Reward Amount
Starstones 5
Seafoam and Stardust Starsnare Adopts! (Raffle Ticket) 2


Ends: 15 August 2024, 00:00:00 PDT (1 month from now)

As the west winds make their way down to the Southern kingdoms of Asteria & Bahura city , residents fill the sky with kites! These kites often mimic sea life, and most popular being different species of sting ray!


⋆౨ৎ˚⟡˖ ࣪Celebrations of Peace: Part 2 ⋆౨ৎ˚⟡˖ ࣪

╰┈➤ Hello everyone! The celebration continues with Part 2: Harness the winds

❝ As the west winds make their way south to the Southern kingdoms of Asteria & Bahura city , residents fill the sky with kites! These kites often mimic sea life, and most popular being different species of sting ray! ❞

Task: Draw or write about your Starsnare™ celebrating the winds!


✦ Rules & Rewards ✦

✎ Draw or write about your Starsnare™ flying a kite
✎ Written entries must be 500 words long minimum
✎ You have complete artistic freedom of the kite design
✎ Winners will be selected by Community voting

✎ **DEADLINE IS AUGUST 15th 11:59 EST (UTC-5:00)**



We request that all written entries be submitted as an easily accessible .docx file! Please be sure it is accessible to us and we don't have to request access!

➤ Base Reward of 10 Starstones, granted to all Entries
➤ Top 10 voted entries will receive 1 UC trait of scales
➤ Top 3 voted entries will receive 1 R trait of Non-feathered wings



Reward Amount
Starstones 10
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