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Starsnares Site Public Release!

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Hello my lovely wishmakers!

The long awaited announcement is here…

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THE STARSNARES SITE IS LIVE! And not only that, we are introducing a new trait; bird feet! A new fun mutation for your snares!


What does having the site available mean?


-Easy trading and tracking your starsnares

-Up-gradable traits further redesign capabilities

-More raffles and events

-Easier to find Starsnare information such as redesign guides, visual trait info and more!



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But Spy, how do I get my Starsnare on my freshly made account?!

Not to worry! Riri and I will work hard for you, you just have to fill out the Starsnare claim form and we will transfer your snare to your account ASAP!

Spy, my starsnare/myo isnt on the site at all!!! What do I do????


DW, I gotchu, here’s a form for missing starsnares!


I participated in (a) prompt/s and have earned starstones, how do I get them?


This is the last form, I promise!


I have more questions I possibly cannot contain!!!

Check out #Questions in our discord server, we’re here for you!

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