Moondrop Earring

Category: Common

Placing this on the ear of your Snare allows drastic changes in ear shape or type,

Used to redesign or add ears to your snare. (Only applicable if you lack ears, to have another set that would require the [not yet made])

Dust Tail

Category: Common

This shooting stars tail is quite perculiar, so fluffy! Try using this item on your Starsnare, and see its tail change!


Used to drastically redesign a Starsnares tail.

Liquid Stardust

Category: Common

This item allows you to change your Snare's eyes to hold the stars themselves!

Adds/changes eyes to the Star Pupil trait.

Shooting Star

Category: Common

This item adds an extra bit of punch, your snare now has a SECOND set of wings!

This can not be used to add more than 2 sets of wings. If you would like a third set, please see the [Not yet made]

Star Ribbons

Category: Common

This item allows you to drastically change the tuft of your starsnare.


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