Halos/Floating Items (Rare)

This trait adds a Halo or Floating item (CANNOT be little floating planets, this is too similar to the Planetary stars trait.) They can be located anywhere on the body and be any shape and size.

Invasive Companion (Herb) (Limited Edition)

The Invasive Companion trait invites a parasitic-type "creature" to live on your snare's body. Harming it may be painful for its host.

This Herb subtype is identified by a leafy green plant-like appearance, which may or may not have facial features on the plantlike growths. The "plant" may submerge and emerge on the fur through the use of root systems grown within the snare's body.
This trait covers leafy and stem-type plants, herbs, and flowers (no trees, bark, fruits/vegetables, nuts/berries or other).
Please do not sell this to other users for real money.

Mecha (Limited Edition)

Species: Starsnares

The MECHA trait gives starsnares robotic components that synthesize stardust to function! Please note that this trait cannot cover 100% of your starsnare.
Please do not sell this to other users for real money.

Dark stardust (Uncommon)

The stardust of these Snares has been corrupted and is either black or an extremely dark tint of another colour.

This trait can be obtained via the Spoilt Fig item.

Bird Feet (Mutation)

This trait changes one pair or all limbs of your Snare to have scaled, bird like feet. 

Alternate Ears (Mutation)

This trait allows a wide range of ears to be possible, non organic, or things not conventionally seen as ears are possible. Even no ears at all. 

Transparent Body (Mutation)

Parts of the skin of the snare with this trait are completely transparent. The organs and bones are visible due to this.

Nature Fusion (Mutation)

Has 3 Subtypes!

- Crystalisation 

Allows mineral growth or integration on your snare.

- Plant Growth

Allows any kind of plant life to grow out of your snare, they can wilt, blossom and spread as it would in soil.

- Water morph

Allows parts of your snare to be made of or retain water, this CANNOT consume the whole body,

Extra Body Parts (Mutation)

This includes ANY body part. One of these mutation traits grants 3 categories of multi limb mutation of the designer’s choice (eyes, limbs, tails. wings etc.) If giving extra wings, the snare must have more than 2 pairs, or else it would collide with the Extra set of wings trait.

Living Tail (Mutation)

This allows a living or organic material tail. Could be a classic manticore snake-like tail or something more monsterous to your liking. Please note that plant matter is not possible and falls into the Nature Fusion trait.

This trait can be obtained via the Life Beyond the Glass item.

Planetary Stars (Mutation)

A snare with this trait can turn into ANY other species. They have been blessed by the planets themselves. You can even use this to give them a DIFFERENT Closed species form. Note that you must have permission from said CS and a MYO slot or existing character to do this. We are not against making NON-CANON human forms, but these forms cannot be used in official events. 

The planetary stars trait is free for interpretation for how it looks on your snare. But it is required to show at least ONE planet. 


This trait can be obtained via the Planetary Mobile Item.

Anthro Transformation (Rare)

This trait allows your snare to be depicted anthropomorphic. There is no set style to how a snare looks like in this form, but it is required to contain ALL traits of the original form. Adding a hairstyle and clothes is fine.

Non-feather Wings (Rare)

This trait allows the basic feathery wings of a snare to be replaced with anything; bat wings, dragon wings, glider wings, you name it. This affects ALL wings on the snare. 

Extra set of wings (1) (Common)

This trait allows your snare to have ONE extra set of wings. Totaling 4 wings. These can be placed on any point of the body, but keep in mind the original placement of the first set must stay the same. (Under the elbow) 

This trait can be obtained via the Shooting Star Item.

Unique Fur (Rare)

This trait changes the substance of the fur, it can be wispy, firey, hard and plated, anything thats not substantially fur can fit into this trait. EXCEPT fur that clashes with the Nature Fusion Trait.

Tusks/Saber Teeth (Uncommon)

This trait can include ONE option OR both, you do not need two of this trait to have both Tusks and Saber teeth.

Non-star Pupils (Uncommon)

A snare with this trait can have ANY shaped pupil as long as it isnt star related. (That would fall into the star-shaped pupil trait.)

This trait can be obtained via the Everchanging Eyedrops item.

Scales (Uncommon)

Scales can range from small patches or the entire body covered in sleak, smooth scales. Anywhere on the body is possible.

This trait can be obtained via the Ceremonial Scalette item.

Antennae (Uncommon)

Want something squishier than a horn? Snares with this trait can have antennae of any kind, alien, bug, are all possible.

This trait can be obtained via the Starstruck Stag item.

Non-fur Tail (Uncommon)

A snare with this trait can have NON-mammalian tails. Scaled, fish, even objects are possible.

This trait can be obtained via the Metamorphic Chrysalis item.

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